Summer campers have an opportunity to visit the Camp Store Tuesday through Friday. Most chips are $.75, most candies are $1.50, most ice cream treats are $1.50, and most bottled drinks are $1.00.

Campers will have the opportunity to buy apparel, water bottles, and other items and gifts, including a couple of toys.  $20-$30 is plenty to cover gifts snacks for most campers.

We request all money be deposited in your camper’s Camp Store account BEFORE arriving on their first day of camp – you may do this when registering online, or login to the CrossRoads Registration Login page and deposit money to your camper’s Camp Store account from your user login account. The campers will be able to “debit” money from their account each day.

Remaining camp store balances of $5 or more will be returned to each camper in the form of a check (received via USPS Mail) or direct deposit onto your bank/debit/credit card (used for initial payment) after your camper returns home. Outstanding camp store balances of less than $5 will be donated to the summer missions offering. The Camp Store is also open directly after the Saturday Closing Program.