Safety! Safety! Safety! Safety! The cornerstone of what we do at CrossRoads Summer Camp is attempting to make each child’s safety our highest priority. Read more about how we care for your camper and keep them safe.

Medical Care

CrossRoads Camp has a registered nurse on site at all times, ensuring a quick response should an emergency occur. The camp nurse treats minor illness, dispenses medication, and decides if outside medical attention is needed. Should outside assistance be required for your camper, you will be notified as quickly as possible.

The CrossRoads Nurse’s Station is centrally located in camp and has several beds available for campers who may need extra care or may be contagious.

If your camper needs to bring medication to camp, all medication must be turned into the nurses upon registration and be in its original prescription bottle. All campers will visit the nurse’s station upon arrival for quick health screening to avoid the spread of lice and any other unwelcome guests.

Parents with any specific concerns can meet with the nurses on opening day to discuss their camper’s health. While at camp, parents with any questions can call the main camp office at 434-277-8465 and ask to be connected to the Nurses’ Station to speak with the nurse.

Your camper must have a health and medical form on file at CrossRoads Summer Camp, which is filled out during the online registration process.

Food & Nutrition

Providing kid-friendly, healthy, delicious meals is a priority at CrossRoads Summer Camp. Our Dining Hall Staff are dedicated to serving every guest with an excellent dining experience. Many campers mention the food as one of their favorite parts of camp at the end of the week!

Campers are encouraged to try everything, but options are always available in the unlikely event that they cannot find something they like to eat at a certain meal.

If your camper has a particular allergy or special dietary need, please be sure to include this on your registration form.  You may also choose to call (434.277.8465) and discuss a camper’s dietary needs with the Food Service Manager at least one week in advance.  We do our best to honor dietary requests, but not all restricted diets can be accommodated. Some campers who require a very restricted diet may be asked to bring some of their own food.

Staff Hiring & Training

Awesome camps must have awesome staff members! At CrossRoads, we fully understand how important it is to hire and train amazing and spiritually-mature counselors as they have an incredible opportunity to impact the lives of campers forever! We look for counselors who have a heart for helping children grow in mind, body, and spirit and who embody the values of CrossRoads of intersecting life and mission.

Our summer camp manager recruits counselors from high schools and colleges throughout Virginia and beyond to find awesome role models for our summer campers. All counselors are aged 17 and older, with many staff members having grown up as campers themselves.

The summer camp manager interviews applicants, verifies personal and pastor references, and conducts background checks on each applicant before hiring. Counselors are hired to provide a 1:7 counselor to camper ratio, ensuring that each camper will receive individual attention.

The summer staff bonds together during a jam-packed training week prior to camp, where they are immersed in the values and purpose of CrossRoads Summer Camp. They also are impressed with the need to provide excellence in leadership and a high level of safety consciousness while serving in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Over the last 30+ summers, we have seen awesome bonds forged between both counselors and between counselors and campers, with having the shared camp experience connect them forever.

Leadership & Excellence

Our Summer Camp Manager is Kristen White. Kristen came to Camp Little Cross Roads as a camper several times and then later returned as a counselor for four summers. CrossRoads is where she experienced her call to missions and ministry in service to God.

Having served as associate pastor for youth and children for several years, including working with youth across Virginia through the Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia, Kristen is excited to have finished her first year planning and leading CrossRoads Summer Camp.

In addition to Kristen, CrossRoads Summer Camp is blessed with incredible facility and office staff who ensures that the camp experience is life-changing and unforgettable. CrossRoads takes great pride in our staff. It is our collective goal to see young people grow in mind, spirit, and body where life intersects mission.