Every year, campers of all ages walk the grounds of CrossRoads and have their lives forever changed. Our staff is blessed that we are able to minister to those people right here on the property.

While not everyone has the opportunity to come and serve firsthand, we want to make you aware of ways you can serve from wherever you may be. The ministry of CrossRoads is continually growing, and because of that fact, we are in need of resources.

If you would like to help grow the ministry at CrossRoads, please contact our office to learn more about our specific needs at this time – (434) 277-8465

For your convenience, here are some general needs we are always ready to receive:

Under $50

Copy paper
Crayola Markers
Sharpie Markers
Sharpie Pens
Ivory paper
Ivory card stock
$10 gift cards to Target or Walmart
Clorox Wipes
Batteries AA, AAA, D
13 Gallon Trash Bags
Grounded Extension Cords
Shop Vacs (minimum 16 gallon /5.5 horsepower)

*Please Note:
For many of the items in the larger needs section we have very specific needs and can provide you with item numbers, sizes, etc. Please contact the office for more information or consider giving funds towards one of these purchases.

DVD Players
Carts for TV & DVD Players
Portable CD Players
Portable LCD Projectors
Portable Sound System
Shelving units for kitchen
Double stack oven for kitchen
Portable Easel Whiteboards
Frisbee Golf Goals and Discs
12 Passenger Van
Back Seat for Golf Cart
Additional Golf Cart
Pool Cover


Summer Camp Program Equipment
Summer Camp Supplies
Summer Camp Camperships
Conference Scholarships
Facilities Improvements
Volunteer Event Projects